Organic Gardening and Nature Camp

Did you know there’s a day camp right in Plum Creek that’s both fun AND educational?  What?  Those exist?!?  Sign your 5-10 year old up for Organic Gardening & Nature Camp and they’ll learn how to appreciate nature in new and exciting ways.

Campers will work and tend a real food garden using organic methods.  Instead of harsh chemicals, they’ll learn how to utilize natural predators such as ladybugs and dragonflies to control food pests, as well as native mulches to control weeds.  Gardening lessons will also include how to attract backyard wildlife by planting native plants and water features.

Wait!  It gets even cooler!  Campers will also learn about composting, rain water collecting, and get the chance to tend a wildlife pond.  They will participate in bird watching and learn about discouraging non-native, invasive birds while encouraging native species to feed and nest.  The camp has occupied House Wren nest boxes, and campers will be able to observe and count eggs and chicks.  Last but not least, they’ll get to take home their own plants and garden crafts.  Making a mosaic bird bath out of recycled pots and tiles sounds pretty awesome to us!

The camps run 9AM-1PM Monday to Friday, and cost $200 per camp.  The first camp will be held June 6th-10th.  For more information and to sign up, contact Gina at or call 512-393-9279.


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