When the Great Outdoors are Calling Your Name

When the great outdoors starts calling your name, you know you have to pack up the car and head to wide open spaces. The Texas Hill Country is rife with opportunities to hike, bike, fish, float and camp. Before the high heat is upon us, be sure to catch a weekend or two at a nearby camping spot. Not sure where to go? We’ve picked the tops spots for Plum Creekers to pitch a tent, sing a round of Kumbaya and get away from it all.

Bastrop State Park

Plum Creek, New Homes for Sale in Kyle, TX

The devastating wildfires that swept through Bastrop in September of 2011 caused severe damage to over 95% of Bastrop State Park. After a period of recovery, the park is once again open to the public and Central Texans are stoked. Camp grounds are filled with nature lovers and newbies exploring the park’s 5,926 acres of pine trees, trails, lakes and historic sites. Night hikes, frog and toad watches, fishing lessons and more keep visitors busy and entertained. Even a solar eclipse viewing party was hosted this past weekend (mark your calendars for 2024). Just 50 miles northeast of Kyle, Bastrop State Park is far enough to feel like a change of scenery yet close enough to reach within an hour.

Pedernales Falls State Park

Plum Creek, New Homes for Sale in Kyle, TX

Johnson City’s majestic Pedernales River, flowing 40 miles northwest of Kyle, sets the tone for Pedernales Falls State Park. All kinds of outdoor activities are open to visitors, including camping, fishing, swimming, canoeing, bird watching, and picnicking. Experienced horseback riders can explore the 10-mile equestrian trail, but at the moment, the park is strictly B.Y.O.H., or ‘bring your own horse’. Hiking is a well-loved pastime at Pedernales Falls State Park. The 7-mile Wolf Mountain trail leads hikers through some of the most special parts of the park with spectacular vistas. Make sure you pack your camera for this park – it’s almost a felony not to.

Guadalupe River State Park

Plum Creek, New Homes for Sale in Kyle, TX

Hardcore nature lovers and novices can also discover new adventures at Guadalupe River State Park, located just 60 southwest of Kyle, in Spring Branch, Texas. Horse enthusiasts will love the 5.3-mile equestrian trail. The Children’s Discovery Center invites little tykes to explore nature in a hands-on and kid-friendly way. Microscopes, demonstrations and wildlife exhibits allow the inner explorer to emerge – a free backpack filled with tools for exploring can even be checked out for the day! Campers of all ages are also invited to partake in guided tours highlighting the park’s history, wildlife and animal species. Primitive campsites and sites equipped with your modern luxuries can be reserved before heading out.

This weather won’t last much longer so before it gets too hot, dust off your tent, lace up your hiking boots and grab the sunscreen for a few days of frolicking in the pristine Texas Hill Country.


2 Responses

  1. That looks like Hamilton’s Pool, not Pedernales Falls. Where is that located at @Pedernales Falls State Park?

    • Thanks so much for pointing this out – this is Hamilton Pool. However, if you go left at the trail break instead of right (the right will take you to Hamilton Pool), there’s about a mile-long walk that will take you to a part of the Pedernales River. I agree that the image is a little misleading though – thanks for the heads up.

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