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Babies know no season so it’s always good to have reliable spots for baby gifts and supplies for when the announcements pop up in your digital or physical mailbox. But why trust the big box retailers when it’s incredibly likely you’ll show up with a repeat gift? Party foul. Stay calm; we know this fear all too well. That’s why we’ve assembled our favorite locally sourced baby gifts from the ever-so-popular online marketplace, Etsy.


Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle Texas

Natives need not be demure. Brand your babe early on with this great little find from OscarDogDesigns. This little hand-screened 100% organic cotton onesie can fit tykes from three to 24 months. It’s surely something to hang once they grow out of it.


Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle Texas

Who says baby play toys can’t be cute? Spiddle, spit and vomit can’t “un-cute” this hedgehog. And check it out – no needles! This shouldn’t take long to arrive in the mail because Tammi Cornett is located right in Kyle, Texas.


Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle Texas

Send thank you notes, news of major milestones or just drop a line with these handmade notes from maggiemakesthings. Sure the little babe can’t suck on it, chew it or drool on it but it’s personal, unique and classically Texas.


Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle Texas

Giant, clunky diaper bags are a thing of the past. Today, new parents are using specially-designed, one-of-a-kind bags to tote around that can often double as a normal purse. This tweed diaper bag is handmade by peacelovenpolkadots from sturdy upholstery crafted to withstand tiny fists, baby drool and more.


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