Pass the Popcorn | Summer 2012

Summer is almost synonymous with movies; taken in at a cool, dark theater with concession treats or at home in your jammies with your favorite popcorn. We’ve got our list of new and old summer faves and felt compelled to compile them into an annual list. No, we don’t tend to adhere to the “thumbs up, thumbs down” system; it’s more of a “loved it, not so into it” rating system. So, please don’t judge us if your beloved classic or hot new flick didn’t make the cut…maybe next year?

Beasts of the Southern Wild

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Photo credit: Jess Pinkham/Fox Searchlight

We’ve heard a lot about this little seven-year-old powerhouse oddly named Hushpuppy, who leads her community in the aftermath of a storm and an onslaught of mythical creatures. Inspiring, sweet, tragic and stunning all rolled into this low-budget yet moving film.

Lost in America

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Photo credit: Warner Bros.

Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty star in this 1985 comedy classic. Looking to shake up their lives, two business-minded New Yorkers sell their home, rid themselves of many possessions and hit the open road in an RV. Yet, they find that truly letting their hair down and living an uninhibited life is a lot harder than they imagined. This movie is often overlooked by audiences but it’s a hilarious, hidden gem.

Monsters, Inc.

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Photo credit: Disney/Pixar

There’s something about John Goodman’s voice that gets us every time. You just want to hug him. And Monsters, Inc. only furthers this. Harmless and lovable hiding-in-the-closet and creeping-under-the-bed monsters make a living by capturing screams and scaring kids from Monstropolis. The best in the biz have a great time of it until one little girl makes it into the city and turns everything upside-down. Approved by both kids and parents.


Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

Photo credit: Castle Rock Entertainment

Have fun pointing out local spots featured in this film, shot in Bastrop, Austin, Georgetown, Carthage and Smithville. A small-town mortician befriends a wealthy widow but ends up offing the woman. He then goes to great lengths to ensure that the tiny Texas town doesn’t catch wise to the fact that she’s gone. Jack Black brings the laugh in this dark comedy.


Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

Photo credit: Miramax Films

No one can deny loving this wonderfully charming old school chick flick; the well-worded insults, the costumes, the picturesque backdrop and the ever- twisting plot that is classically Jane Austen. Set in the English countryside in the mid-1880s, Emma plays matchmaker among the local elite. Blissfully believing her skills to be unmatched, she pairs to her own heart’s content. Things begin to unravel and she learns a lesson in not meddling and paying attention to her own heart. Don’t count this one off as a typical chick flick; the charming English tongue is enough to hold its own!

Summer provides the greatest excuse to escape into the silver screen. What are your favorite summer films, new and old?


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