Add a Couple Notches to Your Belt | Local Eateries in the GO20

Dining is an art that we’re well versed in and while long-time Plum Creek residents may know where to find the best grub in town, Kyle newcomers may need some guidance. So if you’re new to town, and haven’t learned the restaurant ropes, never fear – we’ve got you covered.

Los Vega 

Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

(Photo credit: Yelp)

Start the day off right with a tasty breakfast at Los Vega. No, you can’t plan ahead and look at their menu online. This place is “off the grid” with plenty of small-town, local charm. Customer favorites include classic breakfast tacos and migas. This isn’t your typical breakfast diner so get ready for a bit more of a rustic experience. However, if you keep an open mind, you won’t be disappointed! Forks at the ready, now…

Bailey’s Burgers

Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

(Photo credit: Yelp)

A bit hard to find but definitely worth the adventure, Bailey’s Burgers serves up stellar burgers, onion rings and the sweetest sweet potato fries your buds every met. The burger joint can be found at the Thunderhill Raceway, just off of I-35 North. Be sure to squeeze this into your lunch rotation because they’re only open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Milt’s Pit BBQ

Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

(Photo credit: Yelp)

Living in Texas does have its perks; one of those being the delicious BBQ that can be found in small town across the state. Luckily, residents of Plum Creek don’t have to worry about searching very far – just head towards I-35 by way of Old Highway 81 and you won’t miss Milt’s Pit BBQ. Just look for the line out the door. Known for their brisket, sausage, mac and cheese, Frito Pie…and, well just about anything you can imagine a BBQ joint serves, Milt’s is a favorite among locals and out-of-towners alike. Now, if only we could thank Milt…

Bordeaux’sPlum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

(Photo credit: Yelp)

Just because Kyle isn’t a bustling metropolitan area doesn’t mean residents can’t enjoy a little fine dining. Make a reservation for dinner at Bordeaux’s and thank us later. A little French eatery located in the heart of the city, Bordeaux’s has made a name for itself by offering delicious steaks, seafood and pasta, with a top notch wine menu to boot.

Did we gloss over any other local goodness? By all means, let us know! In this department, we love to be wrong.


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