Unique Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

While Thanksgiving comes around only once a year, sometimes the traditional Thanksgiving spread can get a bit old. I mean, we all love turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, but you probably did that last year right? If you’re bored of the same ol’ thing and don’t want to spend hours picking out the innards of the big gobbly bird, we’ve compiled a list of unique ways for you to mix up your holiday meal this year.


Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, right? What are the meals, dishes or food genres you’re most thankful for? Personally, we couldn’t live without Mexican food or pepperoni pizza. So why not make a Thanksgiving spread that features the favorite dishes of each person in your holiday party. Sure, a dinner of cheeseburgers, ice cream and chocolate bonbons might not be the most cohesive or nutritious meal, but it’s Thanksgiving – live a little! And each person in your party is guaranteed to love at least one item on the menu. Plus, you can always complement the spread with some healthy foods to round it out.

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While Thanksgiving is technically an American holiday, every culture and community knows what it means to be thankful. To celebrate this international sentiment, why not craft a Thanksgiving meal of dishes from each continent? Epicurious and the Cooking Channel both offer pretty robust lists of international dishes and recipes, so take a look and see if you can find something new and unique to share with your guests. And I don’t know about you, but these West African Banana Fritters look and sound delicious!

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Photo courtesy of Yummly


One way to break out of the Thanksgiving food rut, but to still maintain aspects of the holiday is to have a tailgating Thanksgiving, were you roll the food and the football into one. It’s a more casual way to enjoy the holiday, and you can revamp the traditional Thanksgiving food items while maintaining their essence. Grilled turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and pumpkin ale?  I mean, Thanksgiving is already going to be different this year. No more UT / A&M rivalry – so you might as well mix it up even more.

Plum Creek TX


If you still want turkey, but want a different way of preparing it, Delish.com offers a list of unique ways of cooking the big bird – deep fried, turkducken and more.

Whatever your fancy, or however adventurous you want to get this Thanksgiving season, there are so many ways to mix up your holiday meal, from the main dish, to the sides, to the whole shebang. We’d love to hear the ways that you’ve made YOUR Thanksgiving special, whether it’s been the food, the games, or the traditions you and your family have enjoyed.

Please share with us, and be thankful for all the good you have in your life. We’re thankful that you’ve read this. Happy Thanksgiving!


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