Stumped on the Holiday Gift Front? Try a DIY Gift.

Holiday shopping can be brutal. Trying to figure out the perfect, creative gift for the hubby, the wife, the in-laws or the kiddos is hard enough, but staying within budget? That’s a whole other monster. However, if you’re resourceful (and a wee bit crafty), this can be easily accomplished with some DIY holiday gift solutions.

The number of interests, games and fun times that kids have makes DIY gifts for the little ones easy. And, you can tailor and personalize the gift to your kids’ particular interests in a snap. Have a superhero fan in your family, or a little one who thinks he can fly? Make them their own superhero costume based on their favorite color, their name and the preferred superhero power. This link above offers great ideas and plans for everything superhero: from T-shirt-made capes, to winged shoes, to even a lighted Green Lantern ring.

Plum Creek, Kyle TX

Have a kiddo who has an affinity for shooting spitballs or Nerf Guns? Give them something a little less messy to shoot – like marshmallows. These marshmallow shooters require very few materials to make – pretty much just PVC pipe – and they provide your whole family with the perfect post-present Christmas Day activity.

Plum Creek, Kyle TX

Homemade gifts that are sentimental or meaningful add that personal touch we so often strive for when giving gifts. Things like decorated “Reasons I Love You” books, scrapbooks or photo albums, mixed cds, recipe books or family cookbooks are simple homemade gifts that require little cash, and pack a meaningful punch that says, “I put some time into this.”

One of our favorite homemade gifts for older parents or grandparents are Memory Jars. These jars can go one of two ways.

Plum Creek, Kyle TX

1)      Fill a jar with slips of paper, each with a question or prompt written on it. These questions can be about anything you’re interested in learning about this person – from “Tell me about you and Mom’s first date” to “What was elementary school like for you” to “What did you want to be when you grew up.” This is a great way to learn the details of your elders’ lives, and, if you make writing down the answer a daily requirement, it gives them something to look forward to each day, and an opportunity to run down memory lane.


2)      Survey people that care about or have been involved in the life of that particular person. Ask them to contribute a favorite memory, compliment or tidbit about that person, and compile them in a decorated jar. Whenever that person is having a rough day, or just wants a little ego boost, they can dip into the jar and find a smile.

Plum Creek, Kyle TX

Another cheap and simple homemade gift, for Dad, Mom or any coffee fan in your life is a Sharpie-decorated coffee mug. The required supplies are simple – Sharpies, a mug or dish you want to alter, and an oven. Simply decorate the mug to your heart’s content, and put it in the oven set at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. The decorations stand up to handwashing and scrubbing with a sponge, but are a little less efficient in the dishwasher – but, hey, it’s a really cheap and personal gift, and if you want something that can withstand the machine, check out Pebeo markers for a little bit more.

And psssst, Plum Creekers….If you want additional DIY holiday gift ideas, Pinterest is a great place for inspiration!


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