Free Week Austin | Nights upon Nights of Local Music


The first week in January is a special time for the Austin music scene. Free Week is an annual tradition of about 10 days of free shows at some of Austin’s most iconic music venues. What began in 2003 as an attempt to drive attendance to Emo’s during a slow time of the year, has become an annual January tradition that takes place at multiple venues across the city.

Plum Creek, TX

Photo courtesy of The Austin Chronicle

Starting at the New Year and continuing until January 12th, Free Week is a showcase of the great musical talent available in Austin. Focusing almost exclusively on local bands, Free Week takes place at such live music venues as Emo’s , Beauty Ballroom, Stubbs, The Parish, Red 7 and the new Holy Mountain, among others. It’s a great activity for the post-holiday season, as some people’s pocketbooks might still be reeling from all the gift giving and the activities of the holidays.

The show list is a bit overwhelming, with multiple shows and multiple venues each night, but Culture Map, Do 512 and the Austin Chronicle have written round ups of their favorite acts and round ups to make it a bit more digestible. Plus, the Free Week Austin website has Free Week Radio with a selection of songs from the bands playing each night, and there is a Spotify Radio playlist as well.

Plum Creek, TX

Photo courtesy of the Brooklyn Vegan

So, if you have an evening with nothing to do this week, head 20 minutes north to Austin for a night of free live music. And, since the shows are free, that leaves more room in your budget for an adult beverage or a nice meal downtown before the show.


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