Popcorn & More: Central Texas Movie Theaters near Kyle, Texas

The movies are coming to Kyle! Construction on the city’s first movie theatre and entertainment complex – the EVO Family Entertainment Center – has begun. And by November of this year, residents of Kyle will be able to go to the movies, play bowling and laser tag just minutes away from home.  The complex will feature an 11-auditorium theatre, a 14-lane bowling center, a “casino style” arcade floor featuring video and redemption games, and a full-scale restaurant and bar.  In anticipation for the November opening, here are some other movie entertainment options available around Plum Creek for date nights, girls’ night out or for family-friendly entertainment.

Central Texas Movie Theaters

In South Austin at the intersection of Mopac and Slaughter Lane lies The Alamo Drafthouse, an Austin establishment that offers visitors movies, alcohol, delicious food, and themed/special events. The Drafthouse hosts special screenings, the latest blockbuster releases, as well as sing and quote-a-longs for adults and children to enjoy. Additionally, the Slaughter Lane Drafthouse is home to 400 Rabbits, a cocktail lounge adjacent to the movie theater that features Spanish-inspired bites and specializes in tequila and mescal based cocktails. The programming at Alamo Drafthouse changes every month and can be viewed on the theater’s website. This month they’ve been featuring the Bring it On Cheer-Along and special subtitled showings of Hayao Miyazaki’s newest movie, The Wind Rises.  The Alamo Drafthouse also offers convenient ticket purchasing via their official app available in the iTunes app store. And remember – events at the Drafthouse are popular, and unlike a traditional movie theater, the Alamo Drafthouse requires movie-goers to reserve seats online before attending a show.

Central Texas Movie Theaters

Photo courtesy of the Austin Chronicle

Deeper into Austin (downtown to be exact) Violet Crown Cinema is another food-and-movie establishment located in the 2nd Street District that offers moviegoers an upscale theater experience. The theater’s four screens are devoted to independent, documentary and international and the cinema bar and café offers a full cocktail bar and an appetizer menu with a wide range of options, too. Tickets for the cinema can be reserved and purchased online and the schedule of shows can also be found on the Violet Crown website.

Just south of Kyle, Texas Cinema Showplace in San Marcos offers a movie experience on the cheap – $1 to be exact. It’s a small theater, with only three auditoriums that show movies once they’ve left the big screen, but they’re a dollar or less and close to home – can’t beat that!

With these theaters and more around Kyle, there are plenty of entertainment options available for Kyle residents to  enjoy until November when EVO opens its doors!

Alamo Drafthouse

Over the years, the Drafthouse has become a mecca for moviefiles around the world. ~photo by Bruce Turner

Over the years, the Drafthouse has become a nationally recognized movie venue. ~photo by Bruce Turner


Looking back, it’s amazing to think Austin’s iconic Alamo Drafthouse theater has only been in business since 1997 when it started out of a converted parking structure off of 4th street. Today, it spans three local theaters and franchises as far away as Virginia.

The Drafthouse is best known for serving food and beer, sometimes themed, to go along with their movies. The atmosphere is geared for an older crowd, and you have to be 18 to get in without a parent or guardian. That said, The Alamo Drafthouse offers day screening for mothers with young children and special events like the Rolling Roadshow that are fun for the whole family.


  • Tickets at the Alamo tend to be cheaper than most other movie theaters in town, especially if you have a student ID. They make more money off of food.
  • Check out a special event. We recommend Master Pancake theater involves a group of comedians heckling an old classic like Rocky or Titanic. The sing along shows are also quite good.
  • Keep an eye on the Alamo website calendar for upcoming special events, they often sell out weeks in advance.