Celebrate Pi Day (3.14) with Delicious Baked Goods Around Central Texas

Happy Pi Day tomorrow, Central Texas! In celebration of March 14, the day the world celebrates one of the most widely-known mathematical constants (3.14), take a bite out of the diameter of some delicious baked goods at some of the best pi(e) establishments in Central Texas – one of which is located right here in Kyle!

Central Texas Pies

For decades, the Texas Pie Company has baked fresh homestyle pies, casseroles and other delicious baked goods in the heart of downtown Kyle. The pie recipes used at Texas Pie Company have been handed down through the generations of Chef Julie Albertson’s family, and have been tantalizing the taste buds of Kyle residents and people all over Central Texas for years. Their pies are renowned in Central TX – and they have a larger-than-life pie as their storefront landmark, so it’s an impossible spot to miss. Not only does the Texas Pie Company offer some of the best pies in Central Texas, they are a full-service restaurant too – serving daily lunch specials, casseroles, fresh made sandwiches, salads and many other desserts every day. They also offer a pickup and shipping service for their baked goods so people who don’t live in Kyle can still enjoy the sweet goodness of the Texas Pie Company.

North of Kyle, Marble Fall’s Blue Bonnet Café is another favorite pie establishment in Central Texas. Since 1929, the Blue Bonnet Café has been a community hot spot in Marble Falls – both for residents of the area and for travelers just passing through. They have a range of food options available for lunch and dinner, but pies are by far the fan favorite. As a Yelp reviewer put it: “This is the pie capital of Texas! My personal preference is to order as many slices of pie as possible and skip everything else.” Blue Bonnet Café even has a Pie Happy Hour every afternoon during the week from 3-5 p.m. For this happy hour, the Blue Bonnet Cafe produces about 75-100 pies every daily, with that amount nearly doubling on the weekend!

Central Texas Pies

Photo courtesy of the Austin Chronicle

So, this Friday, enjoy Pi(e) Day in Central Texas with some favorite local establishments. You think you can wolf down 3.14 pies over the course of the day?