Healthy Snacks When the Munchies Attack

We all hit the ground running when morning comes around but if you’re anything like us, you like simplicity and a healthy lifestyle all rolled into one. Not many can done the title of Master Chef, so we make do with a little creativity and a bit of planning.

Here are our favorite healthy snacks when you just can’t seem to keep your nose out of the fridge:

Peanut Butter and Apple Slices

Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

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Yes, it’s a classic but it has everything you need: fiber, protein and healthy fats! One medium-sized apple has around 4.4 grams of fiber. When you’re on the go, they’re easy to grab. And our peanut butter of choice? We love Laura Scudder’s Reduced Fat Peanut Butter. This all-natural peanut butter has a great consistency, is super tasty and lacks the trans-fats found in other peanut spreads.


Greek Yogurt and Honey

Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

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Anyone who’s tasted the yogurt of the gods knows that this stuff is highly addictive but the high-protein factor makes it healthy as long as you enjoy in moderation. And get creative with the toppings! Your favorite berry mix, homemade granola or whatever other delicious topping you can concoct is highly encouraged for this simple dish.


Spinach Wrap with Turkey and Hummus

Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

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We work hard to get our veggies but this is a great way. Spread your favorite hummus over a toasted corn tortilla, layer turkey and fill to the brim with fresh spinach. Sprinkle with your choice of cheese or topping. We suggest a zesty and tangy mango salsa but this is where you can get creative or play it safe depending on what’s in the fridge at the moment.


Pineapple and Cottage Cheese

Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

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Some say cottage cheese may be an acquired taste, but we are fully on board. High in protein and low in fat, cottage cheese is the perfect way to refuel and recharge. Mixed with fruit, it serves as a filling snack when you just can’t make it to lunch or dinner. Do you like to mix the stuff with anything else?


Frozen Bananas 

Plum Creek, Homes for Sale in Kyle TX

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For a dessert that won’t leave you hating yourself in the morning, pop a few overripe bananas into the fridge and let sit for at least a day. It’s worth the wait. You’ll then be able to enjoy a refreshing and creamy snack for after breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s also a great way to cool off in the last stretch of summer. But be ready to join FBA; otherwise known and Frozen Bananas Anonymous.


What are your favorite quick and healthy recipes? Oh, and before we go too deep in frozen bananas, we want to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day Weekend!






Katherine Anne Porter School

High school can be a rough world, but the Katherine Anne Porter School in Wimberley, Texas offers a different perspective on what can be a trying time for some teenagers.  KAPS is a free, accredited public charter school that places strong emphasis on learning and nurturing students’ interests in small class environments.  Enrollment consists of students from all over the Hill Country, and the bottom line is that this school welcomes different.  Honors and Advanced Placement classes are mixed in with alternatives to required courses such as yoga and organic gardening.  Everyone is accepted, dress code is relaxed, and cliques are non-existent.

KAPS helps students love learning who had given up at or dropped out of other schools, and statistics show that it’s working.  Their average SAT score is higher than the Texas average, and the student to teacher ratio is only 6.6.  Sounds pretty great, huh?  Coffee shop philosophy discussions?  Why wouldn’t you want to learn here?!?

Read more about KAPS from the Austin American-Statesman here

ACC – Get Out and VOTE!

It’s quite possible that by now you’ve heard about the proposed ACC annexation of Hays CISD, but it’s NOT a done deal yet.  YOUR vote is needed to bring ACC to Kyle.  Early voting lasts until October 28, and election day is November 2.  There isn’t much time left, so don’t miss out!  VOTE!

The Austin American-Statesman recently ran an article offering some insight into how ACC could be a welcome addition to the area.  Check it out by clicking here.

Want more information?  Please visit


Coming Soon – ACC

Austin Community College has purchased 96 acres in the Plum Creek area to the tune of $35 million.  The purchased land is located near the intersection of Kohler’s Crossing and Kyle Parkway.  This purchase is one of several recent land purchases by ACC.

ACC President and CEO Stephen B. Kinslow is quoted as saying “Acquiring this land now is a good investment, we are and will continue to be the fastest growing institution of higher education in Central Texas. ACC must proactively plan for the future in order to continue meeting the vast and growing educational needs of the region we serve.”

ACC Website

The University of Texas, Austin

The lighting of The Tower is a common UT Tradition. Photo by Stephen Reidmiller

The lighting of "The Tower" is a common UT tradition. Photo by Stephen Reidmiller


The University of Texas is one of the largest and respected Universities in the US. Sports Illustrated ranked UT as America’s Best Sports College” in 2002, and there is always a game to see somewhere on the 40 Acres.


  • Football tickets are expensive and often hard to come by. If you don’t care who they are playing, try for a non-conference game. Additionally, save money and hassle by attending any of the other sports for a fraction of the cost. We recommend Men/Womens Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, or Woman’s Soccer. All are quite fun.
  • Tower Tours are available and offer a great view of downtown. We suggest calling and reserving ahead of time.
  • The Frank Erwin Center is houses everything from UT Basketball to Ringling Brothers Circus. Check out their site often for the latest events.
  • UT is home to several museums. We suggest checking out the rotating archives at the Ransom Center, which includes an original Gutenberg Bible and the Watergate Files. There is also the LBJ Presidential Library, The Blanton Museum of Art, and the Texas Natural Science Center.
  • The Performing Arts Center is a great way to see broadway shows year round.